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We Are A Credible Organisation Of Experienced Experts Who Buy Property From A Vast Spectrum Of Clients Who Own Different Types Of Property From Large Detached Houses To Small Flats And Bedsits. No Matter How Big Or Small Your Home Is We Will Provide A Quick And Realistic Purchase Price For Your Property And Look To Complete Transactions In A Timely Manner So That You Have The Money In Your Account As Soon As Possible. This Fast And Reliable Service Means You Can Get Fast Access To Your Money That Is Tied Up In Property So That You Can Move Forward With Your Next Venture In Life..

Professional Team

  • elaine delange

    Elaine De Lange

    Founder & CEO


    Jo Nichols


Happy Clients

  • client1

    Pete & Sian Ryan


    "We were fortunate enough to build our business over the last 20 years and sell it to make a substantial profit. The objective was to generate a passive income for retirement and leaving the money in the bank was just not an option. Fortunately the team at Bloom Branch helped us build a substantial buy-to-let property portfolio which is now producing a solid income."

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    Mohammed Alkhaiwani


    "Whether you live overseas or in the UK if you want to invest in property it’s important to find an agent that will go the extra mile for you and that’s exactly what Bloom Branch did for me. Although I knew a lot already it was still good to have those guys available when I needed them and it didn’t cost me anything."

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    Dave Johnson


    "I’m originally from Leeds but now live in Australia working as a university lecturer. It’s always been our aim to ultimately move back to the UK so I’ve taken an interest in the UK property for many years. I’m also very aware of the lack of accommodation for students close to major universities. A friend recently put me in touch with Bloom Branch and it was instantly apparent that these guys knew their market so my wife and I finally decided to invest."

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