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We buy property from a vast spectrum of clients who own different types of property from large detached houses, commercial properties, plots of land and small flats and bedsits. No matter how big or small your home is.
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We help you redesign your current or future home to suit your needs using the current floor plan. After discussing your requirements you look at how we can utilitse the current floor plan. Sometimes simple redesign and shifting of cupboards and zoning areas can solve the problem.

We are here to help you with your property needs whether it is redesigning your current property to its full potential, buying property from you that might be causing you to experience financial difficulties to buying land and building properties from the ground up.

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20 Bertram Cl, New Bradwell, Milton Keynes MK13 0DT (+44) 01908 477 543– Main Office

About Us

We started in our property journeys in 2006 and have explored various property avenues resulting in learning and developing our skills from buying and selling properties to redesigning a house to make it a home for a client. We pride ourselves in offering honest services and advice. As a team we love designing properties may it be from the ground up or just redesigning the inside of a house to put a smile on your face. Sometimes people are in tricky situations or life circumstances have changed and we will them help you if you need advise on a property that might be causing you sleepless nights.

Ground Up Developments

Building from the ground up is different from other types of construction projects because you’re starting with a blank slate. Having an experienced team is necessary in order to create accurate estimations and detailed blueprints to execute your project on time and on budget. With new construction, planning becomes the fundamental piece to ensure success.

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Quick Sale & Repo

Sell your house quickly!! Selling a house? Selling with Bloom Branch is a quick and easy way of securing a quick house sale. We buy any house in any condition. Bloom Branch pride themselves in providing a flexible service when dealing with vendors who need to dispose of a property quickly and with the minimum stress and hassle. We buy any type of property regardless of the condition, so whether you are selling a hundred year old dilapidated property that requires full modernisation or a property that is in immaculate condition, we will buy it quickly

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We Buy Land

Do you no longer have use for your land? Would you simply like some cash for your land? Are you tired of wasting money on taxes and dues? Are you not sure about how or where to sell your land? Are you looking for a hassle free solution to selling land? Are you tired of waiting months or years for your land to sell?

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Redesign Your Home

Have you outgrown your family home? Do you need extra space for an office or the in-laws? Or are you simply getting tired of the layout of your current space? If any of this rings true, it might be time to get creative. In other words, you should consider making some changes to your existing floor plan,

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What We Do

Make dreams come true

We Can Help with Probate

Loved one passed away and now you are an accidental Landlord – Probate

It is very common for the home of your parents to be one of, if not the most valuable part of the estate. When the first of your parents passes away, assuming they are still married, their house and estate, minus any assets specifically detailed in their will, may automatically pass on to the surviving spouse. In these circumstances, there would be no Inheritance Tax, no Probate and no complex estate administration required.

But things can be more complicated or can become a lot more complicated when the second parent dies.

Is their home part of the estate?

Yes, assuming they owned the home. Your parent’s house will very likely be one of the larger parts of their estate, but its value to the estate may be restricted by any mortgages that are still in place, or by any equity-release schemes that they contracted to. It is worth remembering that someone else’s name may also be on the property title, for example, if your parent had bought a house with a friend or a life partner. You or your estate administrator will need to find out the detailed conditions of the property ownership.

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Bloombranch for all your property solutions

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Selling Your House Fast in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Get in contact with us and we’ll find out how much your house / property is worth. We’ll estimate the value of your property and based on that, we’ll make you a cash offer fast!.

Step 2: Decide on your formal offer and if agreed, choose when you want to complete by setting the completion date. With Bloom Branch you set the timeline of when you want to exchange & complete.

Step 3: Sell your house for cash, you’ll receive the cash paid into your bank account and the sale will complete.

It is normally very important to try a repossession. Here is a link to the government website for a bit more information. We are however here to help you before it gets to that point.

Bloom Branch will give you a FREE no obligation cash offer for your home. You don’t need to pay us anything .

Sometimes people are in tricky situations

Sometimes people are in tricky situations

Sometimes people are in tricky situations or life circumstances have changed and we will them help you if you need advise on a property that might be causing you sleepless nights.
Elaine De Lange Bloom Branch Founder

Repossessions Stopped
Obtaining the right results for our clients is what has built our reputation

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Why Choose Bloom Branch Ltd

Our founding member has an accounting background and also worked in the hospitality sector where the hotels where events where held always fascinated her because of their amazing design and the ability to transform rooms from one fantasy to another. This resulted into her love for properties.