Ground Up Developments

Why Gound up Develpments?

Building from the ground up is different from other types of construction projects because you’re starting with a blank slate. Having an experienced team is necessary in order to create accurate estimations and detailed blueprints to execute your project on time and on budget. With new construction, planning becomes the fundamental piece to ensure success.

Ground up development requires a high level of expertise in facilitating large-scale commercial projects because of the extreme attention to detail needed to cover all phases of your project. Staying on schedule and keeping costs down through careful budgeting is a big part of the successful completion of any project. We pride ourselves in covering big and small developments. Sometimes a small development fits in nicebly between big projects.

Ground up construction allows us to have full control over the design and specifications our business wants and needs, without having to plan for what currently exists. While other types of construction can be more cost effective, such as remodeling, it has its constraints because we have to plan for the space that’s already there. We dont mind redesigning a space but we can be even more creative when we design something from nothing.

Building from the ground up can ensure that we will be a part of the construction process and can determine the exact specifications our clients want.

Our Approach

We’re all about reliability and accountability. Our team is committed to ensuring the project is done the right way every time. This means doing the little things like keeping the job site neat and clean to eliminate hassles and ensureing safty for workers.

We believe in maintaining an open line of communication to always meet needs and specifications on time and on budget. We have the knowledge necessary to manage every aspect of your project successfully.

What is Ground Up Construction?

Commercial ground up construction involves starting a building project from an undeveloped parcel of land and working toward a finished building. The ground up construction management process begins by understanding the business needs and specific location requirements. After finding land we move to the planning stage, creating a plan for the site and then architectural drawings. With your plans, our professionals obtain the appropriate governmental approvals and construction begins. We stand well prepared for every step of the process, thanks to our staff expertise and the strength of our long-standing relationships with outside professionals.

The ground up construction process offers many benefits, as it leads to a purpose-built facility. But given the increased cost relative to relocating to an existing building or upgrading your current property, you need to be certain that it is the right decision for the business. The experts here undertake a cost-benefit analysis, including sampling the market for existing property.

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